Driveway Gate in Winter

Getting Your Driveway Gates and Fences Ready for Winter

We see it all the time – frozen gates, broken machinery, rotting timber, and rusting steel. Here in the Northeast, our weather changes seasonally – from hot, humid to cold, chilly winters – causing damage to automatic doors and windows, necessitating garage door repair for your house every year. Follow this winter prep checklist to avoid expensive gate and fence repairs.

Touch the Paint

Check your fence and gate (especially if they are made of metal) and touch up any areas that need painting. Snow accumulates and stays in one specific place for a long time, causing wood and metal to rot or rust.

Clear Away Leaf Pileup

Remove leaves and other garden debris from the bottom of fences and gate automation equipment. The piled leaves work as compost on decaying walls, gates, and pillars.

Say No to Salt

Do not spray salt and other irritants directly on your fence, gate, or garage door, as the chemicals in these things can cause damage and may require costly garage door repair later.

Washing the Rain by Hand

To keep your gate swinging smoothly, have your snow plowing company clear the snow around your automatic gate. It will also prevent the door from freezing in areas of ice and snow.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance

Change the hydraulic fluid to remove water from the operator. Water can collect inside the gate motor and freeze in cold weather, damaging the internal seals and potentially damaging the entire operator. Also, make sure the gates are well lubricated so that they can swing freely at all times. So, while you’re closing doors and windows, checking your chimney, and managing your heating system, put in a maintenance call to your garage door company like Tarrant County Door and Gate to keep your doors cool.