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When Should the Garage Door Be Replaced?

Garage doors are an essential element of any home. It provides security and helps keep your possessions secure. How often do you need to repair the garage doors?

Garage doors don’t have to be repaired for a long time. The garage door will last longer when you maintain it in a clean state and follow the guidelines recommended by the garage door company in Tarrant County. If you take care to maintain the garage doors at least once per year, they could last longer and enhance their value. If your garage door is causing you problems, then you need to purchase an entirely new door.

Make sure to check your garage door regularly to see if there are any signs that require replacing. Call a garage door business in your region for a price estimate for a new one. Utilize this guide to determine what you need to do to replace your garage door. It’s a good home improvement plan.

When your garage door is over ten years old and isn’t functioning the way it did in the past, you may need replacement. If your garage door is experiencing one of the following issues, it is likely that you will have to replace it.


Garage doors are used many times each year, on average. The garage door repair has been used for at least ten years. Garage doors are susceptible to damage due to a lack of care. These are the most common reasons why garage doors weaken and function as time passes

  • Garage door weight is the result of time. The springs and the lifting cable could be damaged when you keep the door excessively. The tension springs may fail and fall when exposed to wear and tear.
  • Debris and dirt in the rollers: An open garage door that is loud indicates that the tracks are in a state of friction. The alignment of the way could be affected by the accumulation of debris.
  • Damage from the weather over time, rain, or other precipitation could cause damage to garage doors. Weather, snow, and ultraviolet rays could cause warping, rusting, or discoloration.


Your garage door’s function is to let you into your home and then shut it to safeguard your privacy. You must look over your garage door in order to find out the reason for any issues when moving it, especially if you notice any signs of wear and tear that may require garage door repair. It is recommended to choose the door that effortlessly transitions between your vehicle and the interior of your home. You could also upgrade components of your garage, for instance, the opener.

Here are some of the most common garage door issues. This could be the reason your garage door has to be closed or opened properly.

  • An old garage door opener could be a security risk. An older garage door opener may cause issues due to the automatic reversal feature. This lets the door reverse when something or someone is within its path. A malfunctioning garage door opener could leave your garage more susceptible to burglary. Criminals are adept at getting around the old garage door opener. A modern garage door opener can be more secure and quieter.
  • A broken remote control: the motor might not be working in the event that the remote isn’t functioning. Alternatively, you can change the batteries or move nearer to your door. It is necessary for you to change the motor of the Garage Door Opener if the motor has failed.
  • A photo-eye that is not aligned correctly The photo-eye is activated by the automated reversal feature. A dusty or minor obstruction could affect the functioning in the image eye. It is possible to inspect your garage door and repair if it fails to shut or open completely.


When your garage door is seriously damaged as a result of storms, accidents, or vandalism, you’ll need garage door repair instead of replacing it. The following are the types of damages that a professional will recommend replacing:

  • Broken springs or cable lifts The damage to a tension spring could pose a risk. If the garage door won’t open it is likely that it’s because the tension spring has stopped functioning properly. The tension spring, as well as the lift cables, could break after long use. The broken tension springs could make the loudest noise that you could hear from any area of the home. A damaged tension spring is repairable, but it is advised to be on the safe side. To avoid further damage, it is recommended that you get your spring fixed by an expert.
  • The track is misaligned, and garage doors that have dropped off the track won’t function anymore. Garage doors made of material that touches the track may cause them to fall in alignment. If the track isn’t aligned correctly, your door can appear to be crooked. Garage doors could cause damage to your siding if they’re not aligned properly.
  • Dents Damaged garage doors could stop the track from running smoothly. It can also impact the curb appeal of your home. There may be gaps in the doors of your garage due to the damage caused by sporting equipment or extreme weather conditions. It is possible to repair one of the garage doors? However, it is best to replace the whole door.


Your garage door, when closed and locked to ensure your safety, can become a potential threat if in need of garage door repair, posing risks to both you and your family. Damaged garage doors may compromise the security measures in place.

There are several reasons why you might not feel secure close to your garage or garage door.

  • Burglary: Intruders may attempt to gain access to your garage. You might be required to secure your tools to open the door. The garage door may come with a lock that isn’t standard or is more potent than the lock you already have.
  • The old technology of burglars could at times determine access codes for your garage. You can install a keypad that will generate a random access number that is sent to your phone. It will guarantee that your password is unique each time.
  • A damaged photo-eye: The photo-eye ensures your family is safe and secures your garage doors. The garage door opens in the event that a pet or child is caught in it as it is closed. A damaged or defective picture eye could pose a serious security risk.


As time passes, older garage doors begin to lose their insulation. It is possible to see an increase in the cost of energy in the event that you have an old garage door. There are several reasons why a garage door could increase the efficiency of your home’s energy usage.

  • Increased insulation: You can request the garage door repair service from the manufacturer in your area to add more insulation. You could also consider investing in more energy-efficient materials, like wood.
  • Give your HVAC give it a break. The new door to your garage can offer insulation that will reduce the stress on your heating system. Your HVAC system will be able to relax when the temperature in your garage is pleasant.
  • Garage door openers are more innovative. You can control your garage door from any place around the world via a smartphone connection. Since you only open your garage door when you need to, this type of technology could reduce your energy bill. The latest technology will also notify you if your garage is open even when you’re not there.


In the event that your garage door is experiencing any of these issues consider getting one replaced. Browse through our garage door selection to find the best option to fit your house. We also carry high-quality Genie Garage door openers.
If you reside in the Tarrant County region our garage door specialists from Tarrant County Door and Gate will inspect your door and advise that you may need to repair or the need for a new door. Visit our Area + States showroom to see what we have available. For an estimate, please contact us via email or phone at (817) 456-2958.