Pointers on Keeping Your Pets Safe Around Garage Doors

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Keeping Your Pets Safe Around Garage Doors

There are many pets in your home, and you love the animals. Pets and cats reside together happily in your home as your entire family. In that way, you’re similar to the vast majority of families across the US.

It is not difficult to see that pets are dear to you. You want to ensure that they’re always safe and healthy. A key part of that is ensuring that the locations they visit are safe from any dangers to their safety and health. Contact our Experts at Residential Garage Door Louisville KY and Tarrant County Door and Gate on keeping your pets safe around garage doors and garage door repair in north Richland Hills, TX today.

One of the most important parts of your house is the garage and the garage door. It is essential to ensure that everyone in your household knows the correct garage door security methods. This will keep each family member protected from dangers that may be lurking in the garage door. Naturally, your pets are considered part of the family as they are considered to be part of the family.

Here are our top tips for making sure your pet is safe in the garage:

Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Cracked or Open

Many pet owners make the mistake of opening their garage doors to allow them to get in and out of their homes without needing to shut and open the doors regularly. This could be risky, as garage doors rely on tension to give the door the required stability. After a time, tension will decrease because of wear and tear. When you keep your garage door sagging, your garage door’s mechanism will have to work more than normal. The door might fall without warning as the spring is becoming less durable and extremely dangerous for family members and pets, emphasizing the importance of timely garage door repair.

Don’t Tie Your Dog to Your Garage Door

Securing your dog’s collar to the garage door is not recommended. Do not try to do it, even though your garage door may seem like the perfect place to keep your dog restrained. You shouldn’t do this because the garage door isn’t stationary and could move at any time. It could be hazardous to your dog, whether moved manually or by a computer.

Check the Top of Your Garage Door Before You Close It

If you’ve got cats at your home, you’ll need to be aware of this specific method. In the end, they are the animals that typically go to higher and more elevated places to relax and hide. This is extremely risky for cats since they can be crushed and injured when the garage door is open. The first thing you should be sure to check is whether your cat is over your garage door prior to opening it. Additionally, make sure to schedule regular garage door repairs to maintain its safety.

Don’t Allow Your Pets to Chew on the Garage Door

Doing this with your pets is a no-no. Allowing them to bite the doors of the garage is an offense. It’s not a common thing; however, it’s essential to be aware of it to ensure you must stop your pet from chewing on it, especially since it can lead to potential issues like damage that may require garage door repair. It’s more likely to happen when pets are younger and require objects to chew on as they’re trying to relieve themselves from stress or anxiety problems. The issue is that pets can chew on cables connected to tension springs, which are in immense tension. When pets keep chewing on the cables, then the possibility that the cables will snap is increased.